The Dragon Queen

Return to the Camp

Trask's thoughts

Looking forward to heading back to the horde’s camp. Last visit sure got interesting quickly! I enjoyed taking some money off of those witless, spineless mercenaries and some damned stupid kobolds on the outskirts of the camp got what they deserved. Things got even more fun once the escape started. Not sure how we made it out of there so easily, but a giant fire and avalanche probably had something to do with it.

Maybe this time we can have even more fun by starting some fights between the mercenaries and the kobolds. No love lost there, but I would hate to work with those smelly salamander egg heads myself. At least the mercenaries enjoy a good drink and gamble! Might be worth asking Tarbaw if he’s got any money to spare for a mercenary-flipping fund.

Also I have to do something about that bright blue piece of snake spawn. Still not sure why I didn’t cut the arrogant bastard down last time. Maybe it’s because we were surrounded by his filthy and unthinking minions. People always said I was dumb, but what do they know. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go after the fucker this time. If he wants single combat, that’s what he’s going to get. If the opportunity doesn’t come, I’ll just keep bleeding his stinking horde.

I must admit, I’m starting to enjoy this little party we formed.

Andraste is a bit preachy sometimes, but I have to grant her courage, honor and prowess. I’m not saying I’m chicken, but I’d think for at least a few seconds before arguing with her. She’s scary quick and agile.

Sulion is more interesting and harder to read. I’m glad we met aboard that ship, and I feel like he’s still having fun adventuring as I am. He can fucking shoot a bow, and the generosity of his god with healing has proven helpful more than once. Not sure what his larger plans are, but I guess he’d talk some crap about having to listen to his god to figure it out.

Greylander is a quiet one. Still feel like I don’t know much about him, but I guess he prefers it that way. That kind of magic-tossing isn’t really my thing, but I admit it’s proven useful a few times.

They all seem a bit puny for my tastes, but you can’t argue with the results so far. Plenty of fun to be had for everyone, even if they don’t always seem to appreciate it.


hoyret steeb

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