The Dragon Queen


Eventually Eventful

In our moment of dire need, we looked to the arcane arts for our protection. It was granted to us. Though, being naive, we did not stop to think of the cost and only reached for the next rung of power. It was one act of folly upon another, and I look back with regret on those times, until I remember the eventual triumphs.

I will not tarry long to write this down. Our campaign has continued eventfully: we’ve encountered a dwarf on stilts, a caravan willing to hire us, and merchants willing to part with magical items. My new wand and pearl shine with a lurid glow and the promise of increased power. We have traveled northward in the company of this caravan looking for an in with the dragon cult. So far, they trust us.

These are strange times indeed. As our journey continued, we were beset by screaming mushrooms that prevented our passing. We were asked to leave the caravan until we proved ourselves worthier, and we even encountered doppelganger-esque creatures who seduced Trask.


To think that Trask unwittingly mated with this creature fills me with a mixture of revulsion and humor. Thankfully we were able to expose his clone as an imposter and defeat him. We are indebted to Sulion’s perspicacity.

These words grow tiring. I will return to this journal, though for now the call of adventure returns with renewed strength. To record these events seems superfluous when compared to experiencing them. Each encounter gives me new life and zeal and I say long may the unpredictable reign.


hoyret DanTryniecki

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