Greylander Orcum

Human Wizard (1)


Greylander is a male human wizard who has lived in Greenest since he was a young child. Driven out of his village by orc raiders, he has survived as an orphan ever since through the generosity of Greenest’s denizens, sweeping floors, wiping down tables, and casting cantrips for a pittance. He has practiced magic with a solitary, fierce devotion to the arcane arts and is fascinated by what he hears of the red wizards. He is awed by their capabilities but revolted by their mission.

Recently, Greylander has been experiencing vivid dreams in which a strikingly beautiful woman invites him to free her from her prison. After these occurrences he wakes with a mixture of regret and longing for this woman tempered by the feeling that he has experienced something unclean. This haze of emotion has evoked tension in Greylander and a desire to learn the import of such visions. He knows the answer must lie outside of Greenest…

Greylander Orcum

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