Half-Orc Barbarian extraordinaire


Trask is a straight-forward half-orc, but can be prickly about slights to his honor or prowess. He values loyalty to friends and clan above everything.

He grew up viewing lethal violence as the appropriate response to an insult, and still struggles to feel comfortable in the confines of civilization. He is also wary of most strangers, unsure of how he will be judged for his ancestry.

He is eager to gain glory and loot through battle. He is happy to fight indiscriminately those who challenge him or his friends, but sees no glory in defeating the weak and helpless. He hasn’t fully come to terms with his orc-blood, and wouldn’t initiate combat against strange orcs that haven’t wronged him.


Trask was born to a half-orc father and Uthgardt mother, and grew up on the fringes of Uthgardt tribal territory in the spine of the world. As half-orcs, they were never fully included in the tribe but were still accorded respect. Trask’s mother raised him in traditional Uthgardt fashion, and his notions of honor and love of melee combat are the direct result.

Trask was forced to confront his heritage during his teenage years, when emboldened orc tribes in the area began to launch small raids. During one encounter, he squared off against three hostile orcs scouting a raid on a neighbor’s hut. Trask defeated two of the orcs, but not without sustaining some injuries. Recognizing Trask’s heritage, their leader paused and named himself as Narok. He revealed himself to also have human blood before inviting Trask to join his tribe of orcs and half-orcs. He pointed out that Trask was a marginalized citizen in the human world, but could have full membership in his tribe and would enjoy plenty of opportunities to prove himself in combat. Trask growled back that he would never be part of such an evil tribe who preyed on innocents. At this Narok grew angry, and screamed that the Uthgardt had been launching similar raids on innocent orc camps for his entire life! He cut Trask down, but spared his life saying “Today you learn about truth, and what it means to be orc. When you figure it out, come join the true tribe.”

Trask’s family fled southward, but Trask remained unsettled by his encounter with Narok. Unwilling to confront his parents and stifled by their new life, Trask left them in the sword mountains and took up the nomadic life of a bounty hunter. He enjoys living in the wilderness, testing himself in combat, and leaving moral questions of right and wrong up to local authorities. It is one of these criminals [Teddy – who?] that he has recently pursued south by ship.


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